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Military research news - February - April 2013


Another busy period with a great variety of military research carried out over a wide date range.


The earliest Military records we researched during this period were Muster Rolls for the 45th Foot Regiment in 1807 onwards. 


The client's verdict on our military records research: 

I just received the envelope! I am thrilled and what a wonderful job you have done! Thank you for typing up what was written into the rolls into a nice and neat format for me to read. I am excited about all of this! 


Military genealogy reseach

A Family History project was undertaken, involving genealogy research back to the 1730's and including an Indian Army officers records from 1808, researched at the British Library.  


The client said:

Ann, all arrived today, made a 73 year old man cry...so happy with what you've uncovered.


WW1 records search UK

We successfully researched WW1 records - supplying War Diaries, and researching both Officers and Privates.


WW2 Prisoner of war records research UK

A large proportion of our work is related to WW2 and particularly Prisoner of War records, identifying and supplying War Diaries. We recently undertook a large project regarding a Royal Navy officer who was killed in 1944.  


The client said:

The research arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with the information I have now gleaned. Take a bow.! Superb research.


Military research news December 2012 and January 2013

In addition to WW1 and WW2 research over the last two months: tracing service records, Medal Rolls and supplying copies of War Diaries, we researched more unusual topics: records of the British German Legion, marriages and births in India and divorce and naturalisation records.

A particularly interesting assignment involved obtaining copies of letters from concerned relatives of men lost on a Troopship in 1915.

November 2012 Military research news

Once again, we had a very varied month for research, including two large family history projects, researching Assize Court records, and a wide range of military research.

Medal research, War Diaries, Royal Flying Corps, RAF and pre WW1, WW1 and WW2 Army research. We also researched the National Service of a man who served in Egypt, with the RAF, in the 1950's, with a view to him contacting his former colleagues.
We have also written Research Guides on WW1 research for Volunteers working on The Trent to the Trenches project, the Great War Centenary Exhibition, to be held at Nottingham Castle in 2014.  

Follow this web link to find out more about the Exhibition here

The results of my research into a German Prisoner of War Camp in Nottinghamshire in WW1 were published in the Nottingham Post newspaper.  

Please follow this web link See here for summary


October 2012 Military and family research UK Website

We rebuilt our website with a new menu and pages, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition: These new pages enable us to add interesting and valuable content about our military and family genealogy research.

August 2012 military and family research news

We carried out very varied research in July and August 2012, including tracing living relatives, Army and RAF Officers records for WW1, British Army Muster Rolls searches in the 1830's, copies of WW1 and WW2 War Diaries and WW2 POW records as well as a number of family history research projects.

One of our projects, for a client in Hong Kong involved researching the family and career of a RFC Officer who was killed in 1918. We searched at the National Archives and supplied copies of his service record, Operational and Combat Report records, Squadron History and Military Cross citation, carried out family history research on his immediate family and visited the British Library to obtain copies of family correspondence.

The client said "I received the package a few days ago and must say, you've clearly done excellent work Ann. Thank you !!!"

I've been working my way through the package and so far, have found the personal letters quite moving. You've breathed life back into Keith Knox Muspratt and he is no longer just another 'faceless' name, that history has all but forgotten. He is alive again. His Regimental RFC Sword that I own, now has papers detailing the personality of the man who once owned it, which will be handed down to my son one day. As a result, Keith's legacy will live on for generations to come. The highest tribute you could make to these fallen hero's.

"Again Ann, thank you for all of your hard work. I sincerely appreciate it."

Another client, for whom we searched for and supplied copies of her Grandfather's WW1 service records, showed how valuable service records can be, with her comment

"Thank you.  I feel I know my Grandad a little better now".
And from Dexter Kenfield in the US

I retained Ann for a rather unusual project involving "independent companies" of British soldiers, not part of any regiment, in New York in 1700. Since the more typical military records do not go back that far, she has been delving into more unusual sources, including Colonial Office, Treasury, State Papers and High Court of Admiralty records. Most recently, her persistent efforts turned up Admiralty Court records relating to the voyage of a privately-owned ship in 1700 that brought my ancestor, a private in one of the companies, from Ireland to New York.

A truly astonishing find, given the absence of commercial shipping records from that time. My initial reaction, in an email to Ann, was: "It's been a long time since I sat in front of my computer with my jaw hanging down in astonishment. And admiration of your accomplishment."

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Ann Swabey - Research News for June 2012

This month we have been working on a varied range of research projects, including pre WW1 Army records, WW1 Army record searches, WW1 War Diaries, WW1 Royal Flying Corps records, British Army Muster Rolls searches and Family History Research. 

British Army Muster Rolls search
The British Army Muster Rolls search involved a man serving in Canada for various years between 1801 and 1816. 

We were able to provide the client with details of his ancestor's promotions and demotions, where he was stationed for each year and his date of discharge from the Army.  

What the client said

"You have my respect................ it can't be easy looking through documents like these. I will be acquiring your services again every time I need help from your end. I find you very helpful, accommodating and affordable".

Army search prior to WW1

For the pre WW1 Army research we found records for a man who had previously been searched for with no result.

We found his records gave a different middle name to his true name. His son is still alive and was delighted to receive the information.

What the client said

"Thank you again, my father-in law had a tear in his eye as he looked at the attestation docs".

WW1 War Diaries

We obtained copies of a WW1 War Diary for another client who said "Great job -thanks for all your hard work on this project"

Genealogy projects

As well as some small genealogy projects we carried out some detailed research on both maternal and paternal lines of a particular family using a wide variety of sources as one family was English and the other Scottish.  

This research involved WW2 Army research, Wills, school records as well as census and Birth, Marriage and Death records. 
Please contact us if you would like us to carry out a military records search on any of the above British military records.

Photos courtesy of WFR Museum

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