We search British prisoners of war records and ww2 diaries and all military records in England. We research military records for ww1 and provide in-depth military service records searches for ww2 Prisoners of war and ww1 war diaries. Ann Swabey military genealogist in UK

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National archives military records

Genealogy researcher Ann Swabey references for national archives and military records in the UK.

Living as I do, many thousands of miles from the UK, I do not have the ability to visit the National Archives nor I should say the 'know how' to conduct a proper search.

Therefore, like many, people in a similar position I needed to select a representative / researcher to complete this work on my behalf.

Unfortunately for me, my initial research was conducted by another organization, with very, very limited results.

These searches can be deeply personal, in my case it was for military records for my late father. Feeling somewhat frustrated and a little sad, I made a decision to have one more try. Thank goodness I found Ann Swabey.

You will find Ann to be very prompt and professional in all her dealings and above all thorough in her research.

After, receiving the details she needed Ann took just a few days in uncovering the documents that were said not to exist! Pure joy!

If you are contemplating completing military or family research on a loved one or distant family member through the National Archives, then I urge you to strongly consider Ann Swabey as your choice as your personal researcher.

Duncan Howatson
White Rock BC. Canada


Photos courtesy of WFR Museum

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Professional genealogist based in the UK near London.  Family history researcher and military researcher, expert in all areas of military research and comes highly recommended by Regimental Museums. We carry out research at the National Archives in Kew for clients all over the world.  Specialists in military records for WW1 and before, such as searching for and tracing British Army service records, medal records, War Diaries and Muster Rolls, British Prisoner of War records, Merchant Navy, Navy and RAF records.  We carry out genealogy research in the UK, tracing family history and provides a full report.