Muster Rolls 1780’s

  • I have searched Army Muster Rolls of the 1780’s to follow a man’s career.
  • Merchant Navy Crew List research.
  • Home Guard records.

The book ‘Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?’ (Volume one) by Alex Merrill was recently published covering the murder of a unknown women in Worcestershire whose skeleton was found in 1943. I provided a large amount of the research for the book which included consulting newspapers, family history research of a number of different people involved in the case and consulting the 1939 Register.


About Ann Swabey

I have been working as a Professional Military and Family History Researcher for around 12 years.

My research on my own family history means that I have become very knowledgeable about sources, how to interpret records and how to approach problems which led me to offer a Family History research service to others, which I continue to do.

Research Services