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What Does My Service Include?

I can successfully trace your family history and supply a report and copies of documents to support my research.  I am happy to either research a full family history, tracing backwards as far as possible or tracing a family forwards and/or to concentrate on any particular problem you may have found in your own research.

My wide experience of family history research over many years enables me to pinpoint appropriate sources and use them to add detail to your family’s story.

Both national and local records can be consulted, including records at the National Archives, which I visit weekly, the British Library and the London Metropolitan Archives, where I have researched on numerous occasions. 

Just a few of the records I can investigate – Census records, Electoral Rolls,  Civil Registration Birth, Marriage and Death records, Parish records, Divorce records, Immigration and Emigration records, Wills, Employment records, Criminal records and newspaper articles.

Try me – I have broken down many a brick wall!

Please contact me if you would like me to research any of the above.




I first contacted Ann Swabey in May 2015 when I wanted to find out the First World War Military records of five Great Uncles (all Brothers) especially one who was in the R.F.C. in 1918 even though he was only aged 18. The speed of Ann's response, and the quality of the information found encouraged me ask for her help in solving a puzzle I had been working on for some time without success. The 1851 Census showed a "Duggy" Smith, aged 3, born in Romford, (Brother of my 2x Great Grandfather) but I could find no trace of him. Given just that information, and the names of Duggy's parents, Ann came back to me in four days to say she had found him - his name was Ebenezer Norville! I told her at the time that I thought she was brilliant to have solved the mystery, and once again the amount and quality of the information she posted to me was everything I could ask for. I will certainly be contacting Ann with more of my family history queries, although I will not expect her to be able to answer all my queries as some of the information may be impossible to find even though the surname will not be Smith this time. If the answers are there though, I am sure Ann will do her very best to find them.

Suzanne Smith Client - UK

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