WW1 Army Officers, Family Research & Royal Irish Constabulary Records

Photos courtesy of Trevor Smallman
During March I have carried out a lot of research on WW1 Army Officers, both from a military point of view and their family backgrounds.
  • My research has also included supplying WW2 Army service records to clients, interpreting the jargon they contain and supplying copies of War Diaries.
  • Family History research in the 1700’s.
  • Royal Irish Constabulary records. 
I carried out service record and operational research for a soldier in WW2 which was used in the book The Devil’s Cauldron by Pete Merrill.


About Ann Swabey

I have been working as a Professional Military and Family History Researcher for around 12 years.

My research on my own family history means that I have become very knowledgeable about sources, how to interpret records and how to approach problems which led me to offer a Family History research service to others, which I continue to do.

Research Services